With more than 7 years of experience in the area of IT (Information Technology) locally and globally, Sintic Bolivia is a company with quite practical in providing business solutions very close to their reality.

Our main objective is to provide solutions and technological infrastructure according to the needs of your business or company, supporting us in the results of a detailed analysis of requirements and needs made exclusively for your company.

By conducting this analysis of the current situation of your company, our team of professionals will be able to build an optimal IT solution for you using and / or constructing technologies that adapt to your needs and help you improve your productivity and have real and timely information .

What we offer to your company?

  • A team highly qualified and expert in IT solutions with the highest quality standards.
  • Systems integrated with the best technological solutions of the market, always independent of the manufacturers.
  • Innovation combined with a practical and realistic approach to the development of solutions that offer true value.
  • Commitment to our implementation methodology to ensure that quality solutions are delivered on time and within the allocated budget.
  • Open source standards, with interoperability between different products of manufacturers and technologies of Sintic Bolivia.