Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Specialized in custom software development using technoliges like, java, .net, c++.

Windows Applications

The use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has exceeded that of desktop and laptop computers. This change in usage has been mainly attributed to the increased mobility and higher processing capabilities of such devices. The increased penetration of Internet coverage has also made more and more people to use such devices for their daily personal and business use. With the BYOD (bring your own device policy) implemented in major business enterprises, mobile devices are increasingly being used for business purposes.

One major advantage that the mobile devices have over the other kind of phones commonly known as feature phones is that they can be specialized to the users needs. One can install third party mobile applications known as apps, which are specialized to perform one task very well. One can have apps for communication, performing calculations, keeping themselves informed and for entertainment. One can also have mobile apps designed to take advantage of cloud computing in the workplace thus reducing the need to always work from ones workstation.

Microsoft, which is a major manufacturer of the famous Windows line of operating system for desktops and laptops, also offers a smart phone popularly branded as Windows phone. This is a fully features smart phone with all the capabilities of smart phones such as GPS, maps and multimedia in addition to having its own unique app store where one can download windows applications (apps) for their windows phone. Windows applications are developed on the windows platform using a variety of technologies such as html5, Microsoft C# and SilverLight. Making windows applications that are specialized for your business’ needs is what Stectech is good at. We are well versed in mobile development frameworks and technologies. When it comes to making your business more efficient by going mobile, we are the people you require. We work with you in order to ensure you get exactly what you wish for your business.

We also help you to distribute your apps to the application stores and also to your employees directly using a variety of delivery portals. We will ensure you get customized content and functionality suitably tailored to your business needs. Contact us to get more information on how a mobile application can promote your business value.

Linux Applications

Linux is an operating system, Unix compatible. Two peculiar features distinguish it from other systems you can find in the market, the first, is that it is free, that means we do not have to pay any kind of license to any software development house for the use of it, the second , is that the system comes with the source code.tux

For these reasons, Sintic Bolivia is a company specialized in application development for Linux, as these represent a lower cost tecnology for small and medium businesses, and you do not need licenses to operate a software / system for Linux.

Sintic Bolivia, develops applications for Linux using the Mono framework. Net, which allows compatible applications on Windows and Linux as well as native applications also using ANSI C and C + +.

Contact us  to make an assessment of your business needs and propose solutions to meet your needs.