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Magento & Dhru Fusion Integration

Turn your magento store to a site for unlock smartphones by using the Dhru Fusion API.Our extension allows your customers to select the make, model and IMEI of the phone you wish to unlock and these data are sent to your dhru fusion server to get the unlock code.It’s fast and easy to use.


– Multiserver, you can add as many dhru fusion servers you want.

– Necessary fields for KBH, PRD, IMEI are added automatically into product front end page.

– The order are automatized by using magento cron engine, so when your dhru fusion has the order completed, your magento order will be completed as well and an email will send to your customer with the unlock code.


Right now our extension just supports IMEI services, FILE services will come on next versions.

Price: 100.00 USD

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